Information Agency “Inremi”

Provides analytical support to commercial and government clients (media monitoring service, media analysis of Ukraine, Russia and others).

Our cooperation will allow you

  • To keep abreast of current political and economic events by region, country, all world or by kinds of business.
  • To use your time more effectively. You can get rid of an unproductive search for news and get selections of related articles and high-quality analytical products on topics that interest you.
  • To cut down expenses on the subscription media.
  • To save you from the troubles of storage or utilization of the outdated print media.
  • Efficiently generate digests, monitorings, content analytics on any subject, using your personal account
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Up to the 70% of the time analyst spend on the selection of the material on the subject, and only 30% – on the processing.

In addition a lot of time is spent on the looking through of the great massive of not relevant messages – “information noise”.

We save your time and spare your eyes!