Press review, business intelligence, media monitoring

Your personal account

Using your personal account, you get an opportunity to create and digests, monitorings, analytics content on any topic you created. Accumulate the results, followed by statistical processing. Receive reports in any convenient format and design.

Analytical studies on the topics you are interested

Analytical reviews of the following areas:

  • socio-political, economic situation in the country, in the region for a specific period of time (monthly, quarterly, …);
  • socio-political and economic features of the regions (Ukraine, near and far-abroad countries);

Thematic analysis:

  • the state and characteristics of markets (home and foreign) and branches of industry;
  • Industrial-Financial Groups and enterprises of Ukraine and Russia;
  • concrete persons (VIP-persons) among the politicians, businessmen, etc.

Political and economic information

Monitoring of all types of media publications

(main and local Ukrainian, Russian, near and far-abroad countries), including news programs of TV and radio:

  • the total digest with the dividing of the information according to the main areas of activity: politics, economics, culture, media, etc.;
  • theme-based digest with a more detailed break-up according to the specific topics of politics and economics (foreign and home policy, elections, political parties and sectors of the economy … and so on);
  • digest of publications on specific topics (political situation, economic sector, the person, enterprise, etc.)

Areas of monitoring: